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Pammm, CA

My reason for joining Shift2Grace was to keep my body moving. I felt sluggish. S2G was just a way to keep moving or that’s what I thought....

I have been a part of Shift2Grace for at least four years. The biggest take away has been the development of a unity between body and spirit.

I love the way the movement and instructions bring you back to rely on the spirit to gain a physical and spiritual balance. God is definitely the center focus of my work out. Scripture and movement are working to tone your body and your faith.

Thanks, YaVonne for allowing me to be a part of this amazing adventure called Shift2Grace.

Quita, CA

Dr Laura, CA

Sheer delight is my experience with Shift2Grace (S2G). I was confident completing the various movements based on the care and attention provided by YaVonne during my initial consultation (written & verbal) prior to my first Saturday class; YaVonne walked me through how to do the S2G moves based on my abilities to stretch and balance on a bad knee from a previous skiing accident.
During my class, I am in a calm and clear state of mind peacefully worshiping God through good breathing and prayer as I complete each S2G movement. I feel grateful for the authentic fellowship, and I appreciate YaVonne for her obedient dedication to Shift-2-Grace.


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